LINK qualitative is a full service research team that collaborates with innovative companies to develop meaningful products, services, brands and experiences.

Qualitative researchers are also design thinkers

Changes in perspective, empathy and observation are the core elements of design thinking and are also at the heart of qualitative research. Both approaches are concerned with profound understanding, authentic interaction with test persons, trust in the process and critical reflection during analysis.

Focus on context yields realistic results

We tend to overvalue the characteristics of an individual and undervalue the context surrounding the individual. Counteracting this bias is a great challenge. Having the correct methods and tools helps to focus more strongly on situational conditions and recognize blind spots.

Innovation requires room for free thinking

Innovative ideas can only be realized in an environment that allows free thinking, learning and creativity. This takes the courage to venture into the unknown. Failure is seen not as a setback, but as the potential for progress and innovation.

Testing ideas gets you to your goal more quickly

It pays to test prototypes of ideas, products or services on small samples as early as possible. This calls for a close partnership between the researchers and the client. Qualitative research is personalized and customer-specific. It is adapted to react flexibly to changes and to the survey participants.

Indications of attitude are more valid than opinions

As people, we are not good at consciously understanding our desires and actions. To answer the question of “why,” it is important to observe behavior, samples, diaries and tasks (e.g. using implicit methods such as eye tracking, EEG, etc.) in a natural environment. This way, we can identify what people really want or feel and what factors influence them.

The team

We are a competent partner in a wide range of projects in various industries, which we carry out with great dedication and imagination.

Brigitte Rush
Head of LINK qualitative

“Up to now, I’ve lived in four countries. The experience changed me for the better, especially when I defined concrete goals but remained flexible to react to surprises.”

Bill Bachmann
Project Manager

“I’m driven by new views and opportunities. If I can make a difference in the lives of my fellow people, then something changes in me, too.”

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Head of Qualitative Market Research