For over 30 years, the LINK has been the first point of contact for representative population surveys at national, cantonal or municipal level, and stands for the highest quality standards. Our results provide you with a valid database which, on the one hand, describes social issues and, on the other, serves as an indicator for the acceptance and relevance of planned measures and the effectiveness of current measures. If population surveys are regularly conducted in the form of tracking, they can be used by political bodies as an objective early warning system to respond to moods – for example, before or after elections. In addition, our data have already enabled stable time series analyses for decades, including for the Federal Statistical Office.

Benchmarking through a large database enables comparability

The ideal starting point of our population surveys for your municipality or your canton is an excerpt from the communal or cantonal population register. This offers the most qualitative basis for selecting survey participants and thereby guarantees the highest possible degree of representativeness in the results. When using register data we observe all legal requirements on data protection and data security, as well as all industry-standard guidelines (ESOMAR, Swiss Insights).

In addition, the LINK has the largest and most representative panel in Switzerland, so that you can conduct your surveys quickly and easily, even without access to register data. When choosing the method (by telephone, online and/or in person etc.) we always take into account your specific question but also the relevant target group and advise you if necessary to create a reliable data basis. In addition, we have a large database that allows us not only to view results in absolute terms but also to put them in relation to other parameters (benchmarking) in order to be able to objectively assess their relevance.

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