In times of globalisation and digitalisation, product development cycles are shortening dramatically. Products and services have to be developed, brought to market, and replaced by new innovations in ever shorter intervals.

This pressure increases the risk of misguided developments and failed product launches. To successfully launch a service, customer acceptance must be examined in detail. Therefore, it makes sense in all phases of product development to test and optimise your concepts on your target market. We can support this effort with questions like:

  • What market potential does my product idea have?
  • What are the most important features or performance components that my product absolutely must offer?
  • How is the product perceived in the competitive context?
  • Which packaging design promises the greatest customer acceptance?
  • What is the right price for my product or service?

Test your product and service ideas with potential customers

Depending on your question, we will recommend the right method to validly test your products and services before optimising them based on your customer insights. Qualitative data is gathered through product test sessions with potential customers, group discussions, or interviews with industry experts. Quantitative solutions include concept and product tests as well as in-home use tests. Finally, we often use desk research modules to gain a better understanding of market potential and the competitive environment.

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