Optimising customer contact is central to new customer acquisition and customer retention. Many companies therefore set detailed standards for customer communication in a distributed organisation to ensure that customers receive comparable treatment in all branches and offices or from all sales consultants. However, this only delivers benefits if these standards are actually put into practice and adhered to. In order to check this in detail, we put ourselves in the role of your customers and check “live” in discussions, appointments or on the basis of real correspondence whether and how your specifications are adhered to and how these are in turn perceived by potential customers. In this way, the quality of the interaction with customers and prospects can be continuously improved.

We put ourselves in the role of your customers and leads

Mystery research for the service evaluation includes a number of methods in which test persons slip into the role of (potential) customers and go through a real consulting or purchasing process. They record their experiences in the form of test documentation, which is subsequently analysed and used to derive optimisation measures. Depending on the scenario, this can involve test visits to branches or shops (mystery shopping), calls to a hotline (mystery calling) or written exchanges (mystery mailing). By evaluating your service performance, strengths and weaknesses can be determined at individual customer contact points. Measures based on the findings enable you to increase customer satisfaction for the long term and ensure that important standards are consistently applied.

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