Touchpoint-based feedback: Flexible and embeddable feedback solutions

Perhaps you know this from your own company: The customer journey was analysed and evaluated together with the relevant touchpoints in workshops. The result is a stack of sticky notes with strengths, pain points and learnings.
These will be used to implement measures to improve the customer experience. A frequent “problem” that results from these measures in practice is that the effects of changes cannot be measured. That’s why more and more companies are using touchpoint-based feedback solutions that do not generally ask about customer satisfaction but rather directly ask about such things as contact with, for example, customer services, the ordering process, the website or a contract termination The comparison of time series thus makes it easier to measure effects.

Modern technologies provide a multitude of ways for implementing this, such as feedback tablets at the PoS, automatically sent SMS or e-mail surveys after an incident, GPS-based surveys or automated data transfer from and to the CRM via APIs. We support our clients both with individual surveys and with the design of a functioning overall measuring system consisting of individual touchpoint surveys, so that all partial aspects converge in a central dashboard where they can be tracked live.

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