User Experience (UX) – Awakening the joy of your users

As digitalisation progresses, it is becoming a fundamental success factor for companies and institutions to convince and emotionally collect their leads at all digital touchpoints.
To ensure this happens, we work on behalf of our customers to determine the experiences users have when using websites, apps or social media sites. In other words, we determine how the respective target group evaluates such aspects as functionality, usability, information architecture and clarity, in addition to the general evaluation of the visual design. In addition, the effect on brand perception and willingness to buy can be measured.

Depending on customer requirements and objectives, we use qualitative or quantitative research designs in this area. Qualitative UX Labs offer, for example, the possibility to look over the target group’s shoulder when using a website or app, to follow its use exploratively, to react directly to new insights and to bring thought processes and unconscious attitudes to light. For direct interaction between company and target group as well as joint iterative development steps, we like to use Design Thinking workshops. Finally, in quantitative study designs, larger numbers of people are asked to use the website or app and then submit evaluations in order to obtain representative findings.

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Stefan Reiser

Managing Director
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