LINK – Facts for better decisions.

We provide facts. Our work leads to better decisions, always. We enthusiastically help companies and decision makers to understand markets and consumers in more depth. Whether it’s a traditional company, an authority or a startup – the LINK team is always the right partner. We listen, adopt an entrepreneurial perspective, and get actively involved: committed, competent, precise, reliable, and with a clear focus on quality and results.

Thanks to our method knowledge, we obtain market data efficiently and effectively.

We incorporate benchmarks, gain insights, and develop recommendations for action, hand in hand with our customers.

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The management of LINK

“For our customers and employees, we as management want to continue successfully shaping LINK's almost 40-year history of development in the future, too.”

“LINK is a fascinating group of people with a wide range of skills and knowledge in empirical economic research, marketing, statistics, mathematics, psychology, sociology and economics. But first and foremost, it is a community of people who work together to achieve results for our customers.”

Benedikt Lüthi

Studied history and business administration at the University of Zurich, with further education in management at Harvard Business School and a diploma in sports teaching at ETH Zurich. Management experience as CEO and board member of several medium-sized companies. Previously worked for seven years as a consultant with responsibility for a leading strategy and restructuring consultancy.

Dr. Sabine Frenzel
Head of Social Research Division
Member of the board

“Big Data is on everyone’s lips and having a Data Lake seems to be good form. Making sense out of this flood of data is the real challenge, however. What could be more obvious than to ask the people behind the data and bring them to life – that is my passion and the claim of LINK as a whole.”

Dr. Sabine Frenzel

Master of Arts in English Language and Literature at the University of Mannheim and Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics at the Philipps University of Marburg. Already active on the institute side before joining LINK as Director Research and Consulting and a member of our management team. Research experience includes the areas of media use; mobility and trend research on topics such as the sharing economy, autonomous driving, electric mobility; international opinion research with a focus on sustainability with regard to ecological, economic and social aspects.

Stefan Reiser
Head of Marketing Research Division
Member of the board

“When companies make better decisions with our support, we fulfil our purpose – my job is to create the conditions for this to happen.”

Stefan Reiser

Diploma in Business Informatics with a focus on system development and database applications, marketing and statistics at the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg. Even before joining LINK, he had already worked as a unit manager for marketing research and market intelligence professional on both the company and institute side. Research priorities are in the areas of customer experience, market and product potential analyses, employee engagement, product, price and advertising research, and visitor flow analyses. His experience includes B2B and B2C research, international projects, qualitative and quantitative methods and analytical studies. Board member of the Swiss Data Insights Association (SWISS INSIGHTS).

Lukas Theiler
COO, Head of Services Division
Member of the board

“Data-driven business management and automation are the keys to the services areas of Finance, HR, IT, Data & Analytics and Research Operations.”

Lukas Theiler

Master of Science in Computer Science and Psychology at the University of Fribourg. Research experience in the fields of artificial intelligence and computer vision. In his various roles in IT engineering, consulting and management, he has always had a strong focus on customers, leadership, innovation, digital transformation and operational excellence.

Stefanie Brunner
Head of Human Resources
Member of the extended board

“Build your business by building your people. At LINK, I oversee personnel planning, management, development and communication in line with the needs of the employees and the company’s objectives.”

Stephanie Brunner

Master of Science in Psychology at the University of Berne and a CAS in Systemic Solution Orientated Coaching at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. In various functions in personnel and organisational development, executive selection, and internal HR, her focus has always been on personnel development, leadership development, labour law, and recruitment.

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