What makes us a LINK

Every day we help our clients to better understand markets and consumers, to design products and services efficiently and effectively, to answer strategic questions and to reduce risks. Together we work on these goals and focus on the customer.

Sandra Leuenberger, Laboratory Coordinator Lucerne

“Since I joined LINK as a telephone interviewer over 10 years ago, I have come to know my current job as a laboratory coordinator from the ground up. The variety, the multiculturalism and the different characters of the interviewers make my job my favourite occupation.

As laboratory coordinator, I am responsible for over 100 interviewers and supervisors and can use my strengths in multitasking every day. But the main thing in my job is the team spirit: We can laugh, cooperate and do a good job at the same time.”

Are you looking for an exciting and demanding part-time job as a telephone interviewer and love the challenge of dealing with people on the phone?

What we offer you:

  • A workplace in a central location in Lucerne, Zurich, Lugano or Lausanne
  • Working in a large and uncomplicated team
  • Great flexibility in planning your work assignments
  • Internal training and workshops to further develop your communication skills
  • Variety thanks to a large number of customers and various major projects
  • Exciting conversations on the phone

What you offer us:

  • Reliable, committed and precise working methods
  • Swiss German without an accent
  • Cultivated tone
  • Computer skills
  • Resilience and flexibility
  • Joy of contact with people on the phone

Gocha Ngurah Anak Agung, Telephone Interviewer

“Through the LINK Institute, I have learned a lot about market, social and media research on several training courses. I was able to acquire new skills: how to build trust with customers or how to strengthen my powers of persuasion.
My self-confidence and courage to approach other people has improved a lot in a very short time. I have made new friends and developed in many ways.”

Daniel Huber, Telephone Interviewer

“Working at LINK is a great change from studying. Not only am I free to schedule my working hours as I wish, but I also have the opportunity to talk on the phone with interesting people in very different situations. I have learned how to react systematically to objections and how to deal with critical reactions.”

Are you interested in a side job as a telephone interviewer in the field of market and social research? Then we would be pleased to hear from you:


In Lucerne, Sandra Leuenberger, Laboratory Coordinator Lucerne, is looking forward to hearing from you

Sandra Leuenberger

Lab coordinator in Lucerne


In Zurich, Sara Koller, Laboratory Coordinator Zurich, looks forward to hearing from you

Renata Sojat

Laborkoordinatorin Zürich


In Lausanne, Andrea Holenstein, Laboratory Coordinator Lausanne, is looking forward to hearing from you

Andrea Holenstein

Laborkoordinator Lausanne


In Lugano, Stefania Zammarano, Laboratory Coordinator Lugano, is looking forward to hearing from you

Stefania Zammarano

Laborkoordinatorin Lugano